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VIP Technology Delivers Improved Energy Certificate for Refurb Apartments

VIPA the Vacuum Insulation Panel Global Association provide an excellent example of how Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) can help to significantly improve the energy rating of an existing building.

VIPS Refurbishment Apartment Buildings, Netherlands

Apartment Buildings in the Netherlands received an improved Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) following the introduction of high performance Vacuum Insulation Panels. The EPC of the buildings were improved from an energy rating of F to B.

The Netherlands apartment buildings, were refurbished in 2014. The budget for the refurbishment did not allow for the replacement of the existing wooden window frames. The team decided then to use VIPs to increase the insulation value of the parapet in order to achieve a better energy label rating.

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The use of VIPs brought a number of advantages:

it avoided an extensive and time-consuming change of the existing construction; the existing heating pipes and the mounting brackets of the radiator could be kept and the thin-walled wooden door and window frames were preserved.

Sebastian Baars, Vaku-Isotherm’s CEO and Board member of VIPA International stated:

this case study is another great example of the different advantages VIPs bring to the refurbishment process of buildings. In this case it was possible to preserve existing elements and at the same time increase the energy efficiency of the overall façade. An increase in the EPC rating from level F to level B is a considerable improvement.

Read the full press release from VIPA here.

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