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UK Fire Safety Regulation Review

Insulate Debate: UK Fire Safety Regulation Review

Earlier this week ROCKWOOL had their say regarding the current direction of the UK Fire Safety Regulation Review. The subject is clearly an important and relevant point of ongoing discussion and at Insulate Network we believe it deserves further debate.

What They Said

ROCKWOOL stated that the UK Fire Safety Regulation review was heading in the wrong direction. Their argument raises concerns that continued support for large scale testing methods developed to create a pathway for combustible materials to be approved as safe for tall buildings. These comments were also supported by a commissioned survey which called for combustible materials to be banned on the use of high rise buildings .

Join the Debate: UK Fire Safety and Combustible Materials

At Insulate Network we want to hear your view on the UK Fire Safety Regulation Review and the use of Combustible Materials on High Rise Buildings. Opinions are welcomed for the topics in their own right, or based on the comments that have been made in the two featured articles above.

Please leave your opinions in the comments box below.

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  1. Jean-Claude Deleye

    The Survey was based on some 230 respondents. Of course a Producer of non combustable products would like to avoid testing ,imagine that there is an unfavourable outcome! (for them) They prefer to conduct the discussion without facts or test results and base it only emotion. For this reason they want to have the discussion going before the official data of the commision are published

  2. Two comments, The first is that how the material is used greatly affects what happens in a fire. Good detailing should allow the use of materials which do not have the maximum incombustibility possible. From what has been said about Grenfell Tower, different fire stopping details would have restricted and localised the spread. The second is that sooner or later we have to address the issue of materials and sustainability, in this case insulation and the source of the insulant. The big decision is whether we all as a nation (or species?) accept one step down from maximum safety now in order to provide longer term safety via sustainability for future generations.
    It’s also worth noting that it is illogical not to put the same restrictions on materials used inside a building as are used on its outside/facade. Again, the grenfell Tower fire would not have spread beyond the white goods concerned if all the materials used inside the source and other apartments had been totally incombustible! All of us have to accept compromises of this kind.

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