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gOMS U-value innovation from GreenTeg

Quality Underpins Unique U-value Innovation gOMS

GreenTEG U-Value Innovation: gOMS

GreenTEG introduce exciting new cloud based U-value measurement tool gOMS

U-Value, R-Value, Humidity, and Temperature Measurements with a Cloud-Based Muli-Node Measurement System

The gO Measurement-Systems (gOMS) is a cloud-based, wireless system for measuring U-value, R-value, humidity and temperature. With the gOMS, simultaneous measurements with up to 16 sensor nodes can be conducted and monitored in real-time via the cloud. It is the only system on the market which generates quantitative data regarding the building insulation quality (U-value, R-value) wirelessly and checks it against the strict ISO 9869 norm. All measurements can be made non-invasively, no drilling is necessary.

Applications in Building Physics and Beyond

The U-Value is the most important value for the user-independent determination of the thermal performance of a building. Because different parameters can be measured with the gOMS, various measurement scenarios and applications are possible. U-Value measurements are conducted when an energetic refurbishment is planned and the status quo of a building needs to be determined in order to plan accordingly. Especially with older buildings it is often unclear which materials were used and how their properties change over time. A further application case is the detection of heat bridges to identify the source of mold or to prevent mold growth, for example when refurbishing windows. These examples describe applications during project specific refurbishments, but continuous monitoring of facilities such as archives are possible as well.

Technical Specifications

The gOMS consists of a base station and up to 16 sensor nodes. The sensor nodes send the data via Lora protocol to the base station where they are transferred via a safe 3G connection to the cloud. The measurement data can be monitored and analyzed at all times in real-time. Additional information is available via the greenTeg website here

About greenTEG

greenTEG develops, manufactures and markets solutions for thermal sensing. The company was founded in 2009 as a ETH Zurich spin-off and today supplies customers in the fields of building technology, photonics, med-tech, automotive, industry, and R&D.

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