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Ninfield Memorial Hall Insulation Restoration Project

Warmer and Brighter Future for Ninfield Memorial Hall

Treasured Community Hub Ninfield Memorial Hall Looks Forward to Warmer and Brighter Future

Ninfield Memorial Hall undergoes significant insulation redevelopment, to revitalise its appeal as a place for the local community to enjoy events and clubs.

Ninfield Memorial Hall

The beating heart of its local community, Ninfield Memorial Hall faced a pressing problem when it became apparent that its roof was uninsulated, leaving the much-loved facility unable to provide a safe and warm space for village events and clubs.

As the only community venue in the village to hold more than 30 people, the hall is a treasured meeting point for local residents, and faced a long and chilly winter ahead if changes weren’t made quickly. Exhausting all other options Kevin Regan, Fundraising Coordinator, turned to Insulation Superstore for help.

Glory Days of Ninfield Memorial Hall

A village and civil parish in the Wealden district of East Sussex, Ninfield is situated just north of Bexhill-on-Sea. With a population of just 1,562, facilities are limited, and the historic Ninfield Memorial Hall has acted as the beating heart of the village community for nearly 150 years.

The only community building in the area capable of holding more than 30 people, it is in demand not just by Ninfield residents, but also from other nearby towns and villages, serving as the venue for a range of activities, clubs and events. These range from; parent and toddler groups, art groups, dance classes and Cubs, Scouts and Brownies, to Christmas shows, music concerts and Parish Council community meetings.

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Built in the 1870s as a Victorian drill shed the hall has a rich history, originally constructed with surplus materials from Norman Court; the magnificent stately home built for the Brassey family of railway entrepreneurs in Catsfield during the Napoleonic Wars.

Front view of Ninfield Memorial Hall

However, the hall also played a vital role during times of national crisis, particularly during and after the Napoleonic Wars, when Britain needed an army of volunteers for Home Defence in the absence of the regular Army fighting overseas.

On the South Coast, the Cinque Ports Volunteers was formed, and was based at defensive forts Martello Towers. However, Ninfield, only a short horse ride from Normanhurst, became an artillery base near enough to the coast to rush to the aid of any Martello Tower under attack from an invader. The hall had already seen 50 years of hard military service before being handed over to the village when the Brassey male line died out after WW1.

Following some extensive repairs, it later became a memorial hall dedicated to the many villagers –  male and female – who did their duty for King and Country. Many of them had served in the South Downs Battalions which later became the 11th ,12th and 13th Battalions of the Royal Sussex Regiment.

Heart of the Village

Today, the Memorial Hall is a much-loved community meeting point, but requires urgent repair work to restore it to its former glory. The rear of the building must be refurbished to bring it from the Victorian era into the 21st Century, and those involved in the halls running are actively fundraising in an urgent bid to keep doors open.

For almost 100 years, the hall has only done what it could afford to do, and any repairs were completed with the generous help of villagers and local traders, often at no cost to us. However, in recent years it has become more apparent that the hall cannot survive on generosity alone said Kevin Regan, Fundraising Coordinator.

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As a community hub, the Memorial Hall is vital to village life, not only acting as a meeting point for residents, but also offering relief in times of emergency, such as extreme weather, when protection and warmth are essential. It’s therefore crucial that the hall is protected from the elements all year round and we were dismayed to find that the roof was uninsulated and needed serious attention adds Kevin.

Explaining the situation, Kevin said: Since I first got involved with the hall last year, we have successfully applied to replace our 200 battered plastic chairs with comfortable upholstered ones, thanks to a grant from the Chalk Cliff Charity. It was this that prompted someone to poke their head into the roof space to find it uninsulated.

I applied for several grants without any luck, and eventually turned to the internet for the best deal. It was then that I came across Insulation Superstore, and approached them for help.

Ninfield Activity Hall view of stage complete

Online Answers

Contacting Duncan Voice, Store Manager at Insulation Superstore, Kevin explained the hall’s predicament, and the desperate need to insulate the roof ahead of winter to ensure that the space could remain in use.

We were delighted when the team at Insulation Superstore decided to help us with a reduced quote, says Kevin. Our income is only slightly higher than our outgoings, meaning any major repairs must be carefully costed. So we were very grateful that Duncan and the team took my squeezing of the quote in good humour and did their best to accommodate it.

Working closely with Kevin to determine the best material for the job, Duncan and the team agreed to provide one of Insulation Superstore’s best-selling products, Isover Spacesaver Loft Roll, at a fair price – helping to ensure that the hall’s future was protected.

Isover Spacesaver loft roll is a high-quality glass mineral wool insulation in roll form, designed for thermal application in cold roof and loft floors. Rolls are installed in two layers; the first layer between the joists and the second layer cross laid over the joists. The product is pre-perforated for ease of installation, and as it provides thermal insulation for cold roof constructions in both new-build and renovation projects, it was perfect for the Ninfield Memorial Hall project, says Duncan.

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The insulation is available to buy online at Insulation Superstore – a brand of Construction Materials Online. Selling over 50,000 products and holding strong relationships with some of the world’s largest manufacturers, the company’s specialist eCommerce websites are quickly becoming a first port of call for commercial and self-build customers alike, in search of a greater choice of building materials, as well as tailored expert advice.

Serving the Community

The materials were delivered smoothly and promptly, and installation went without a hitch despite the unhelpful winter weather. With 40 rolls of Isover Spacesaver installed in December, the hall is now well insulated to with stand the next long, cold winter – and Kevin says that all at Ninfield are thrilled with the result.

Our dealings with Insulation Superstore were effortless, from start to finish. Being able to find the product we needed online was really convenient, and the level of personal service received is not always expected of an eCommerce store – something which really sets them apart. We chose to order from them not only because they were the cheapest supplier of the quality product we had been recommended to use, but also because I have been impressed by Duncan and his client contact skills.

The company’s contribution has not only had an immediate effect but will continue in markedly reducing Ninfield Memorial Hall’s heating expenditure long into the future. As a treasured community hub, it can now be enjoyed for years to come, said Kevin.

Ninfield Memorial Hall from Stage View

For more from Ninfield Memorial Hall School visit their official website here. Visit insulation superstore for details on their insulation solutions.

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