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National Insulation Association Raises the Bar on Insulation Industry Quality

Insulation Industry Quality Bar Raised by NIA

Following the publication of the Each Home Counts Review by Peter Bonfield the National Insulation Association (NIA) has been actively working to introduce enhanced industry standards to improve consumer confidence and recourse.

New Industry Guides

The NIA has initiated the development of a range of new industry best practice guides and specifications which have been incorporated in the new PAS2030 guidelines from February 2017.  Working with other industry bodies to ensure a collaborative industry wide approach, the new standards cover external wall insulation, loft insulation and room in roof insulation.

What Next?

Neil Marshall the CEO of the NIA said:

“the new guides and specifications are just the start of the journey.  We are now moving on to undertake a comprehensive review of the end to end journey of each insulation measure from initial survey through design, installation, guarantees and ongoing maintenance to identify any weaknesses or gaps which we will then address.  The important thing is that this work is being undertaken by experts for the industry.  Two short term developments include the formation of a new External Wall Insulation Technical and Training Group and a stakeholder workshop on procurement.”

NIA External Wall Insulation Technical and Training Group

The group will comprise the Technical Directors from our EWI members including system suppliers, specialist contractors and component suppliers.  The new group is meeting next month to agree on its priorities and future work programme.

Stakeholder Event

The NIA have identified that one of the key items that impacts the quality of external wall insulation is the way that it is procured by specifiers who often lack knowledge of the systems and are seeking lowest possible prices which can compromise the specification.  with this in mind, the NIA is hosting a special workshop that will be attended by Government officials, Ofgem, energy companies, procurement framework operators, local authorities and housing associations to explain to them what constitutes a robust specification and procurement process with a view to agreeing minimum standards that everybody will adopt going forward.

NIA Training Course 

In support of the new industry guidelines and standards the NIA will  also be liaising with industry training bodies in the development of new training courses.

The National Insulation Association is a  trade body for insulation in the UK representing the manufacturers, system suppliers, installers and component suppliers of cavity wall, external wall, internal wall, loft, roof, floor insulation and draught proofing.  Insulation companies interested in membership should contact Neil Marshall neil.marshall@nia-uk.org

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