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Kevin Bohea Recticel Insulation Interview

Kevin Bohea Recticel Insulation Interview

Exclusive Interview with Recticel Insulation’s Kevin Bohea

Insulate Magazine celebrated reaching the 12th round (issue) with an exclusive interview with Recticel’s Commercial Director Kevin Bohea. You can read the full interview below, or read this article and the entire issue here.

Hi Kevin, Thanks for taking the time with us, you’ve spent some twenty years in the construction in- dustry, could you talk us through that period until joining Recticel in 2013?

I was lucky enough to work for a big German company for fourteen years at that period and they sold into pretty much every part of the construction industry, so that gave me the chance to get experienced in a number of different areas of construction and to understand a number of different methods that are used in different kinds of buildings different kinds of construction methods and it gave me a great footing really, a great I suppose a great foundation for really understanding about how construction really works and how different elements of construction can compliment other areas of the build.

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So what was the proposition that Recticel offered?

What I liked about the proposition from Recticel was that it was relatively unknown, there was a blank sheet there with the Company, it was a brand that wasn’t recognised or known by anyone and it had great quality and the ethos of the business, a great foundation as well.  You know Recticel as a group has been trading since 1778 so huge prominence in history and it wanted to invest and grow and it wanted to give the autonomy to someone to come in and say right we want you to do something with this company, and that’s where the appeal was.

Clearly a progressive company that has seen signicant growth in the U.K.?

The key factors behind our growth has been really listening to our customers and understanding our customers’ needs and then what we’ve done is mapped our resources and our approach to really maximise the opportunities with the small range of customers that we have.  We’ve deliberately not tried to be all things to all people, we’ve deliberately tried to say right we’ve got a key account approach here with some really big players in the construction industry  and we’ve made sure that we map our resources to what they want delivered from the supplier.

There is much talk of PIR shortages at present, what can the industry do and specifically, how are Recticel coping?

Recticel are working really hard on trying to get a fix to this, we’ve had a real challenge this year as an industry because of supply chain issues further down the line in raw materials, it’s affected the whole industry, it’s affected the availability of product from every manufacturer and it’s gone on far longer than any of us really expected to.  However, with Recticel being such a large user of the two real types of products that have been affected, there’s both MDI which is a key raw ingredient used within PIR manufacturing and TDI which is the main raw ingredient which is used on flexible foam manufacturing and so of our five plants in the UK all five plants have been affected by either MDI or TDI shortages, but because we are such a European organisation of the size, magnitude and usage of both MDI and TDI we’ve really been exerting pressure on the supply chain to try and get things right and I think we are going to emerge from this sooner, stronger than the competition.

We are hearing through the industry that there may be new lines coming to market in 2018, can you elaborate on these at all?

We’re keen to be investing in the UK  but  we want to be sure that we invest in the right way with the right added  value for the industry there are some new parts coming on line in 2018 We’re being very sensible I think in our approach about where and when we put our plant down and on the back of the challenges that we have had on raw material supply and foreign exchanges and looming  Brexit we’re just taking a breath to ensure that the decisions that we make are the best for our industry

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