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Industry Falling Short on Insulation Energy Saving | IEX 2018

Following a hugely successful 2 day Insulation Expo event in Cologne, the overarching response was that the Industrial Industry was failing to fully utilise the energy saving potential of insulation in their manufacturing plants.

The organisers released the following statement discussing the key themes and learning points

Too much “hot” Air

Industrial enterprises are still producing too much “hot” air when it comes to thermally insulating their plants. They could significantly curtail their energy consumption, lower operating costs and contribute to climate protection by reducing CO2 emissions. These are the findings of the energy audits presented by EiiF – European Industrial Insulation Foundation at IEX – Insulation Expo Europe in Cologne.

Approximately 300 TIPCHECKs (Technical Insulation Performance Checks) have been conducted so far, which, through the installation of insulation, have led to verifiable savings of more than 550,000 MWh/year and about 450,000 metric tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of the annual greenhouse gas emissions of some 44,000 households.

We were able to demonstrate potential savings in 95 per cent of the audited companies. Investing in new cold and thermal insulation pays off: the average payback period, according to TIPCHECK, is usually two years on average, says EiiF director Andreas Gürtler. A lot of untapped market potential remains in this area.

Possibilities of Modern Insulation Materials

On 16 and 17 May, IEX showcased the possibilities of modern insulation materials and insulation technology. A total of 170 exhibitors from 24 countries came to the Exhibition Centre in Cologne, making clear one thing: the industry is getting a boost from industrial plant maintenance and demand for insulation and innovative materials. The exhibition spectrum ranged from insulation materials and systems for technical thermal and cold insulation to products for acoustic insulation and preventive fire protection to tools, equipment, measuring instruments and software solutions.

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Energy debate buoys technical insulation

Technical insulation will play an increasingly important role in the context of a global energy debate”, expects Schwartmanns Maschinenbau GmbH’s Thomas Pitsch. The key, he says, will be to use appropriate measuring methods to demonstrate the savings potential, thus calculating the return on investment for plant operators before they install insulation. Jürgen Kaimann shares this assessment: We rate the development of the market and the overall economic situation in our core segments as extremely positive and suffused with potential, says the owner of Kaimann GmbH.

In the wake of the Paris Climate Agreement, the same applies on the international level:

Awareness for CO2 reduction is growing, and most countries have set ambitious goals for themselves after the Paris Climate Agreement, says Michael Moreau from the Belgian company Promat.

Insulation Expo Attracts Extensive International Attendance

The level of international participation reached a new record high of 52 per cent. Overall, the organiser counted 3,442 visitors across both trade show days:

IEX impressively underscores its role as Europe’s largest trade show for technical insulation – and that despite the absence of a number of mineral wool suppliers and the loss of the power plant market due to the energy transition. This provides a good basis for us to continue our conceptual work on the upcoming IEX 2020 and act according to the current market situation says IEX event director Olaf Freier.

For more discussion and reflection on  the recent Insulation Expo Europe event in Cologne, Germany visit the official insulation expo website.

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