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Insulating Our Nation’s Homes

Our Nation’s Homes Need Insulating

Household Energy Efficiency Statistics published by Government last week identified that whilst there has been considerable progress in insulating homes across Great Britain there is still a lot more to be done.

Insufficient Insulation

The figures identified that nearly 16 million homes in the UK have only 125mm or less of existing loft insulation compared to the current standard of 270mm. These properties would certainly benefit from topping up. There are still over 5 million homes with cavity walls that are not insulated and only 718,000 which equates to just 8% of the 8.5 million homes with solid walls have been insulated to date.

Building a Market for Energy Efficiency

It is important therefore that Government continues to focus efforts on building fabric insulation measures in the new Energy Company Obligation which is due in 2018. They need to continue to work with industry and consumers in identifying ways to increase the uptake of insulation among householders.  To this end, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy recently issued a call for evidence ‘Building a Market for Energy Efficiency’  and the NIA will be responding to this with our thoughts on a number of important areas including; raising consumer awareness of the benefits of insulation, targeted consumer incentives, standards and regulations and attractive payment options.

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  1. Allot? Oh dear, that’s almost as embarrassing as advocating cavity wall insulation which is causing mould and damp in many homes that are actually unsuitable and/or incorrectly filled by CIGA and BBA approved installers.

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