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“Insufficient” is MIMA’s Response to Hackitt Report

MIMA have responded to the Building Regulations and Fire Safety Review published by Dame Judith Hackitt. Here is a brief comment from their response which on the whole believes the report should “gone further to ensure that the residents of high-rise buildings are safe and feel safe

Sarah Kostense-Winterton, Executive Director at MIMA, representing the non-combustible insulation manufacturers comments

what we don’t see from this report is the solution in the short to medium term whilst cultural changes take effect. Something that will take many years. Dame Judith should have gone further to recommend that Buildings Regulations only allow non-combustible materials to be specified for use in mid to high-rise & high occupancy/high risk buildings as well as recommend a ban on desktop studies in relation to fire safety.

You can read MIMA’s full response to the Final Hackitt Report here.

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One comment

  1. This is an engineering matter and so the success of both enquiries will lie in the engineering detail required by the revised Building regulations and implemented by proper inspectoin and and penalty systems.

    On the MIMA comment, if no combustible materials are allowed the ban MUST extend as well to the white goods and furnishings in apartments in high rise buildings. Only this can make the safety as total as the current opinions demand, but it will not be at all popular with the general population of high rise dwellers, if only on the costs.

    I suggest there will have to be some compromises, with correct fire stopping and disciplined occupant usage of common areas, plus thought through use of sprinklers only in appropriate areas.

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