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Building a Safer Future Hackitt Final Report Published

Titled “Building a Safer FutureIndependent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety” Dame Judith Hackitt’s Final Report regarding Building Regulations and Fire Safety has been published today. The final report follows interim report published in December 2017.

The full report report can be read here on the Government website here

Below is the conclusion published in Final Report:

Building Regulations and Fire Safety Fire Report Conclusion

Whilst the recommendations in each chapter are crucial, in isolation they will fail to achieve the systemic change sought. The framework operates as a mutually reinforcing package and requires the implementation of its interdependent components in order for this to be achieved.

Implementing the package proposed in this report may take some time. Whilst some of the recommendations can be delivered in the short term, some will require primary legislation and in the meantime industry must start ‘living’ the cultural shift that is required – the most important element of achieving that will be leadership from within industry.

It is therefore important that government develops a joined-up implementation plan to provide a coherent approach to delivering the recommendations in this report.

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