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Domestic Energy Assessors and Energy Performance

Domestic Energy Assessors, Opportunity or Declining Breed?

Domestic Energy Assessors and Energy Performance Certificates – an opportunity or a declining breed?

First featured in the September issue of Insulate Magazine, Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the National Insulation Association (NIA) explains the current situation and future opportunities:

Several years ago the Government encouraged companies to invest in training and accreditation to become Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) in order to support its new flagship energy efficiency programme the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation.

Unfortunately the Green Deal failed to take off and in April 2017 Government made the decision to replace Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) with a new deemed scores methodology in the Energy Company Obligation Transition in order to reduce the costs of administration and compliance.  Unfortunately the new deemed scores approach has actually increased the complexity and costs of ECO but that is a separate matter.

Given the above, DEAs who have invested heavily in training and accreditation are now left wondering where the work is going to come from to provide a return on this investment.

Important Role

At the NIA we firmly believe that there is an extremely important role for DEAs and EPCs in stimulating the uptake of energy efficiency measures.  The Energy Company Obligation is focussed on providing free energy efficiency measures to fuel poor households and there is very limited support for the ‘able to pay’ consumers. Yet there are millions of ‘able to pay’ homes that could benefit from  insulation and householders who are prepared to pay for it but need encouragement to do so – a visit from a DEA to carry out an EPC provides an excellent opportunity to engage with them.

Similarly, there are several million SME businesses that have similar characteristics to domestic households such as shops, pubs, clubs and hotels that require insulation – again a DEA and an EPC could open the door.

“Finally in April 2018, Government is introducing new regulations that will require Private Landlords to improve the energy efficiency rating of their properties through the installation of energy efficiency measures – another significant opportunity for DEAs and EPCs.

Effective Engagement

So we see DEAs as having a crucial role in maximising the opportunity to support the uptake of insulation measures but the question is how to most effectively engage with potential customers?
At the NIA, having identified the opportunities we are now inviting qualified, accredited DEAs to become NIA members and work in partnership with our installer members to deliver a ‘one stop shop’ from them to potential customers.

So far we have received an excellent response from DEAs and once we have the new network fully established we will be heavily promoting EPCs along with NIA’s DEA’s and Installer members in all relevant market sectors with a strong marketing campaign.

For more information visit the National Insulation Association website at: www.nia-uk.org

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