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Clean Growth Strategy Solution

Clean Growth Strategy Ultimate Solution

The ULTIMATE range is ISOVER’s
solution for the Clean Growth Strategy

ISOVER introduce their ULTIMATE range. They believe the high performance products will be of significant benefit to key members of the construction process in order to meet the carbon emission cuts associated with the clean growth strategy. The full press release from ISOVER is available below:

ISOVER Provides the ULTIMATE Solution for the Clean Growth Strategy

With the government recently announcing an investment of more than £2.5 billion into clean technologies and new infrastructure, Isover’s high performing ULTIMATE™ range will help designers, operators and contractors save up to 25 per cent in energy costs – allowing them to cut carbon emissions in line with the Clean Growth Strategy.

One of the main challenges industrial plants have is the need to limit energy waste during operations, while lowering carbon footprint. With this in mind, Isover’s ULTIMATE™ range is a unique and innovative mineral wool insulation, which has been specifically designed for industrial applications, working in high temperatures of up to 700°C.

Its patented construction delivers excellent thermal performance in a thinner, lighter material, offering the flexibility to simply replace traditional stone wool specifications in a power plant, with the same thickness of ULTIMATE™ to reduce carbon footprint and save up to 25 per cent of energy.

Isover Vario Xtrasafe in-post advert

Rob Taylor, UK Specialist Insulation Sales Manager at Isover, commented:

With Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clarke announcing that the government has put clean growth at the heart of its Industrial Strategy to increase productivity and to tackle climate change, we understand that those working in the industry will require products that will contribute to lower carbon emissions for a more sustainable future.

As such, we’re proud to have our ULTIMATE™ range on offer, as it delivers an array of benefits to industrial plants and operations; it can be used in a variety of applications from vessels and tanks to production and process equipment. What’s more, installation is approximately 28 per cent faster than traditional stone wool, which means installers can complete the job quicker, reducing plant downtime, while providing the associated savings.

Isover has recently updated the ULTIMATE™ webpage, so contractors and designers can find out more information about the range and its suitable applications, as well as being able to register for a free sample. You can find more about the ISOVER ULTIMATE range and other products via the ISOVER website

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