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BRUFMA respond to clean growth strategy

BRUFMA Respond to Goverment Clean Growth Strategy

Clean Growth Strategy – BRUFMA Respond

Following our coverage of the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy earlier today we have received BRUFMA’s (British Rigid Urethane Foam Manufacturer Association) response to this new development. Chief Executive Simon Storer had the following to say regarding the announcement:

I am very pleased that the government has finally launched its Clean Growth strategy along with a review of the Green Deal Framework. 

Within the built environment, we know there is an urgent need to improve the energy performance of our buildings, both new build and existing, by ensuring that as a minimum the fabric of the building is fully and properly insulated.  

Unfortunately, in the UK there are still 21 million existing households with a poor level of energy efficiency and new housing often falls very short of the performance standard that these houses should attain.  Sadly the UK languishes at the bottom of the list as having the highest rates of fuel poverty and one of the most inefficient housing stocks in Europe.

Any scheme must be judged on outcomes and this latest government initiative is no different.  There have been plenty of attempts over the years to deliver improvements and yet we still have much to do to deliver the energy efficiency necessary to meet the performance targets set for the country.

Do you agree with BRUFMA’s response to the Clean Growth Strategy and the importance of judging the scheme based on it’s outcome? Share your thoughts and join the debate in the comments box below.

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