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About Insulate Network

Insulate Network is the world’s only, independent trade media outlet dedicated to the insulation industry.

The insulation industry globally, holds a unique responsibility in that everything that we continue to achieve not only has a direct impact on the lives and finances of our customers but also plays a major part in the future of the planet.

Insulate Network is positioned amongst some of the biggest global insulation brands, we are read in over 36 countries worldwide and are proud to represent the industry that we serve.

Insulate Network is consistently first for breaking news in the insulation sector our, website and global publications transmit best practice, regulatory changes and the latest product developments as close to real-time as is humanly possible.

The editorial and creative team at Insulate Network hold a combined 35 years of insulation and construction industry experience, our management are degree level educated in relevant sectors and as a team we constantly strive to deliver the best for the insulation sector.

Through our lean approach to publishing, we are able to offer a far more competitive pricing structure than other publications in the construction sector. We can expand our reach to both businesses and consumers to best represent your message.

Talk to the team at Insulate Network today and share the great work that you do within the insulation industry.

The Insulate Network Team

Colin Heath
Managing Editor
Colin worked for 17 years in construction and education prior to founding Insulate Magazine. His insulation experience comes for 5 years within the sector as Commercial Director at GER Group, having noticed a media gap for the insulation sector, he teamed up with Jamie to deliver what is now a leading trade publication. Outside of Insulation, Colin can be found dining in the restaurants of McDonalds or Michelin, attempting to play football or golf and spending time with his family.
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Jamie Street
Head of Creative

As the dynamic Creative Team leader Jamie helped realise the companies iconic Insulate branding, modernise the publication and evolve the brand into an online and offline entity. His background is in Marketing, achieving a BA Hons. degree at Bournemouth University. Jamie's background in Insulation was built on five years as Marketing Manager at leading acoustic and thermal manufacturer Cellecta Ltd. Personal interests include discovering new cultures, time with family and friends, visits to Stamford Bridge and eating

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Paul Foresster
Technical Editor

A creative technical writer and a technical creative writer, Paul combines a decade working in domestic and commercial architecture with his six years of experience managing technical services for Recticel Insulation. He believes in opening up the conversation about low energy construction and finding the best solutions for the right challenges. When not building his technical writing career, Paul is either out running, making a mess in the kitchen, or volunteering at his local independent cinema.

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